Brian Catanzaro - A Different Place

Brian Catanzaro - A Different Place
Genre: Folk
Duration: 38:43
Artist: Brian Catanzaro
Album: A Different Place
Release Date: June 17, 2005
Matter of OpinionBrian Catanzaro2:16
Break It DownBrian Catanzaro1:55
Right to Sing the BluesBrian Catanzaro2:55
Turn It AroundBrian Catanzaro3:07
Something Called LoveBrian Catanzaro2:37
Minor 9 BluesBrian Catanzaro2:45
Mood PieceBrian Catanzaro5:53
Minor Swing Blues in aBrian Catanzaro3:35
Minor 9 VariationsBrian Catanzaro4:26
Summer TrailBrian Catanzaro4:26
Ending SongBrian Catanzaro4:48

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