California EAR Unit - The California Ear Unit

California EAR Unit - The California Ear Unit
Genre: Avant-Garde
Duration: 01:06:56
Artist: California EAR Unit
Album: The California Ear Unit
Release Date: April 5, 1994
Styles: Chamber Music, Modern Composition
Egyptian Two Step, for harmonica & ensemble / Arthur JarvinenCalifornia EAR Unit5:46
Quintessence, for clarinet, percussion, piano, electric piano & cello / Rand SteigerCalifornia EAR Unit12:35
Yellow Pages, for violin, cello, flute, clarinet & piano / Michael TorkeCalifornia EAR Unit6:46
Dr. K-Sextet, for flute, bass clarinet, piano, vibraphone, tubular bells, viola & cello / Karlheinz StockhausenCalifornia EAR Unit3:35
Enchanted Preludes, for flute & cello / Elliott CarterCalifornia EAR Unit5:33
Esprit Rude / Esprit Doux, for flute & clarinet / Elliott CarterCalifornia EAR Unit4:44
Canon for Four: Hommage to William, for flute, bass clarinet, violin & cello / Elliott CarterCalifornia EAR Unit4:05
Hoketus for mixed ensemble / Louis AndriessenCalifornia EAR Unit23:52

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