Callanish - Far From Home

Callanish - Far From Home
Genre: Folk
Duration: 51:52
Artist: Callanish
Album: Far From Home
Recording Location: Green Valley Recording Studio, Hughesville, PA
Reels: Woman of the House/Man of the House/The Mountain Road / TraditionalCallanish3:20
Dúlamán / TraditionalCallanish2:33
Jigs: Banish Misfortune/Stan Chapman's / Jerry Holland / TraditionalCallanish3:27
The Wind That Shakes the Barley / Robert Dwyer JoyceCallanish2:53
Waltz: Miss Rowan Davies / Phil CunninghamCallanish2:40
Jigs: The Blarney Pilgrim/Merrily Kiss the Quaker / TraditionalCallanish3:08
Finnegan's Wake / TraditionalCallanish2:24
Reels: Paddy on the Railroad/Far From Home / TraditionalCallanish3:37
Jigs: Winie Hayes'/The Rolling Waves / TraditionalCallanish3:09
The King's Shilling / Iain SinclairCallanish3:52
Reels: Da Day Dawn/Da Cauld Nights O'Winter/My Wife's A Drunkard/Ben Ort da Dacks O'Voe / TraditionalCallanish4:11
Dark Island / Ian Maclaughlan / Stewart RossCallanish4:05
Reels: Chicago Reel/Over the Moore to Maggie / TraditionalCallanish3:19
Song for Ireland / Jean Colclough / Phil ColcloughCallanish4:34
Reels: Return from Fingal/King of the Fairies/Cooley's / TraditionalCallanish4:40

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