Candi Staton - Evidence: The Complete Fame Records Masters

Candi Staton - Evidence: The Complete Fame Records Masters
Genre: R&B
Duration: 02:24:11
Recording Date: November, 1970
Artist: Candi Staton
Album: Evidence: The Complete Fame Records Masters
Release Date: May 30, 2011
Styles: Deep Soul, Southern Soul, Soul
Someone You Use / Clarence Carter / Hope Inglese / Kitty Mann / Tommy StoughCandi Staton2:33
I'd Rather Be an Old Man's Sweetheart (Than a Young Man's Fool) / Clarence Carter / George Jackson / Raymond MooreCandi Staton2:06
You Don't Love Me No More / Clarence Carter / Candi StatonCandi Staton2:22
Evidence / George Jackson / Raymond MooreCandi Staton2:38
Sweet Feeling / Clarence Carter / Marcus Daniel / Rick Hall / Candi StatonCandi Staton2:44
Do Your Duty / Ronnie ShannonCandi Staton2:33
That's How Strong My Love Is / Roosevelt JamisonCandi Staton3:27
I'm Just a Prisoner (Of Your Good Lovin') / Edward Harris / George JacksonCandi Staton3:10
Another Man's Woman, Another Woman's Man / Marlin Greene / George Jackson / Dan PennCandi Staton2:31
Get It When I Want It / George Jackson / Raymond MooreCandi Staton2:26
For You / George Jackson / Raymond MooreCandi Staton3:08
Never in Public / George Jackson / Aaron McKinneyCandi Staton2:23
Heart on a String / Mickey Buckins / George JacksonCandi Staton3:00
Stand by Your Man / Billy Sherrill / Tammy WynetteCandi Staton2:54
How Can I Put Out the Flame (When You Keep the Fire Burning) / George Jackson / Raymond MooreCandi Staton3:12
Mr. and Mrs. Untrue / Irwin Levine / Toni WineCandi Staton3:27
Too Hurt to Cry / George Jackson / Raymond MooreCandi Staton3:03
He Called Me Baby / Harlan HowardCandi Staton3:31
That Old Time Feeling (Sweet Feeling) / Clarence Carter / Marcus Daniel / Rick HallCandi Staton2:44
To Hear You Say You're Mine / Candi StatonCandi Staton3:08
What Would Become of Me / Barbara WyrickCandi Staton2:47
Freedom Is Just Beyond the Door / Earl Cage / George JacksonCandi Staton2:49
Where Were YouCandi Staton3:19
Do Right Woman / George JacksonCandi Staton3:07

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