Carl Stalling - The Carl Stalling Project: Music from Warner Bros. Cartoons 1936-1958

Carl Stalling - The Carl Stalling Project: Music from Warner Bros. Cartoons 1936-1958
Genre: Stage & Screen
Duration: 01:12:50
Artist: Carl Stalling
Album: The Carl Stalling Project: Music from Warner Bros. Cartoons 1936-1958
Release Date: 1990
Styles: Cartoon Music, Film Music, Soundtracks

The first volume in The Carl Stalling Project series is a revelation; more than just an essential part of a Warner Bros.

staff that generated some of the finest and most inspired productions in the history of animation, Stalling was a visionary whose work deserves consideration among the finest American avant-garde music ever recorded. As these 15 selections from WB cartoons dating between 1936 and 1958 attest, his cut and paste style -- a singular collision between jazz, classical, pop, and virtually everything else in between -- was unprecedented in its utter disregard for notions of time, rhythm, and compositional development; Stalling didn't just break the rules, he made them irrelevant. That in the process he created music beloved by succeeding generations of children is more impressive still -- perhaps even unwittingly, Stalling introduced the avant-garde into the mainstream, and as popular music continues to diversify and hybridize, his stature as a pioneer rightfully continues to grow.

Putty Tat Trouble, film score
Part 6 / Carl StallingCarl Stalling1:20 SpotifyAmazon
Hillbilly Hare, film score
excerpts / Carl StallingCarl Stalling4:22 Amazon
Early WB Scores: The Depression Era / Carl StallingCarl Stalling6:02 SpotifyAmazon
The Good Egg, film score
excerpts / Carl StallingCarl Stalling4:25
Various Cues from Bugs Bunny Films / Carl StallingCarl Stalling5:07
There They Go Go Go, film score / Carl StallingCarl Stalling5:27 Amazon
Stalling Self-Parody: Music from Porky's Preview / Carl StallingCarl Stalling5:25 SpotifyAmazon
Anxiety Montage / Carl StallingCarl Stalling6:11 SpotifyAmazon
Stalling: The War Years / Carl StallingCarl Stalling3:50
Medley: Dinner Music for a Pack of Hungry Cannibals / Raymond Scott / Carl StallingCarl Stalling5:00
Carl Stalling with Milt Franklyn in session / Carl StallingCarl Stalling7:14 SpotifyAmazon
Speedy Gonzalez Meets Two Crows from Tacos / Carl StallingCarl Stalling5:33 Amazon
Powerhouse and Other Cuts from the Early '50s / Raymond Scott / Carl StallingCarl Stalling6:15 SpotifyAmazon
Porky in Wackyland / Dough for the Do Do / Carl StallingCarl Stalling5:44 Amazon
To Itch His Own, film score / Carl StallingCarl Stalling5:54 Amazon

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