Charles Atkins - Reunion

Charles Atkins - Reunion
Genre: Blues
Duration: 46:08
Artist: Charles Atkins
Album: Reunion
Release Date: June 6, 2006
Break This a LooseCharles Atkins5:44
I Had a Good OneCharles Atkins5:48
The KinksCharles Atkins4:18
Another One DownCharles Atkins3:06
Ask and Ye Shall ReceiveCharles Atkins3:54
Doctor's DegreeCharles Atkins3:55
Oh Little DarlingCharles Atkins4:53
Short SkirtCharles Atkins2:49
He's on the Phone AgainCharles Atkins4:33
I'm Your Child, Lord / TraditionalCharles Atkins3:18
[Untitled Track]Charles Atkins feat: Chet Atkins3:50

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