Chet Atkins - A Session with Chet Atkins

Chet Atkins - A Session with Chet Atkins
Genre: Country
Duration: 33:09
Artist: Chet Atkins
Album: A Session with Chet Atkins
Release Date: 1954
Styles: Nashville Sound/Countrypolitan

With a roomful of crack Nashville session men, Chet Atkins' first 12-inch album is one joyful, yet sophisticated and controlled compilation of mostly standard pop and jazz tunes all decked out country-style. Some tunes, like "South," "Indiana" and "Caravan," would turn up again and again throughout Chet's career as reference points for jamming. While occasionally doubling back to the country on "Corrine, Corrina," Chet explores the possibilities of tunes like "The Birth Of The Blues," "Old Man River" and "Honeysuckle Rose" within a country framework - and with his finger-picking technique and innate musicality, he makes everything fit. The major soloists are Dale Potter, who takes his country fiddle part of the way into jazz territory, Bud Isaacs' tasty period steel guitar, and John Gordy's straight-ahead piano. On "Caravan," Gordy also breaks a bit of ground, offering what the liner credits as the first use of a celeste on a country record.

South / Dick Charles / Thamon Hayes / Bennie MotenChet Atkins2:45
(Back Home Again In) Indiana / James F. Hanley / Ballard MacDonaldChet Atkins3:20
Alabama Jubilee / George L. Cobb / Jack YellenChet Atkins2:35
Have You Ever Been Lonely (Have You Ever Been Blue) / George "Funky" Brown / Peter DeRoseChet Atkins2:40
Red Wing / Irving MillsChet Atkins2:22
Ol' Man River / Oscar Hammerstein II / Jerome KernChet Atkins2:32
Caravan / Duke Ellington / Irving Mills / Juan TizolChet Atkins3:25
Corrine, Corrina / Bo Chatmon / Mitchell Parish / Spencer WilliamsChet Atkins2:20
Birth of the Blues / Lew Brown / Buddy DeSylva / Ray HendersonChet Atkins3:20
A Gay Ranchero / Juan José Espinosa / Francia Luban / Tuvinian Singers / Abe TuvimChet Atkins2:35
Frankie and Johnny / TraditionalChet Atkins2:35
Honeysuckle Rose / Andy Razaf / Fats WallerChet Atkins2:40

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