Chicago Bob - Flyin' Too High

Chicago Bob - Flyin' Too High
Genre: Blues
Duration: 54:42
Recording Date: December, 2005
Artist: Chicago Bob
Album: Flyin' Too High
Release Date: March 28, 2006
Styles: Modern Electric Chicago Blues, Regional Blues
Taking Care of Business / Rudy ToombsChicago Bob2:58
That's Why I Love YouChicago Bob4:06
Flyin' Too HighChicago Bob4:11
My Bleeding HeartChicago Bob4:12
Party After HoursChicago Bob4:16
Retirement PlanChicago Bob4:18
Howlin' for My Darlin'Chicago Bob3:48
It's Hard Goin' UpChicago Bob4:35
The Blues Never DieChicago Bob5:19
Popcorn ManChicago Bob3:37
Wish I Had Someone to LoveChicago Bob3:16
I'm Leavin'Chicago Bob3:05
Shake for MeChicago Bob3:17
Christmas TearsChicago Bob3:44

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