Chico Serra - The Piano-Bar of Mindelo

Chico Serra - The Piano-Bar of Mindelo
Genre: International
Duration: 30:50
Artist: Chico Serra
Album: The Piano-Bar of Mindelo
Release Date: December 1, 1995
Recording Location: Studio Angel II, Lisboa
Styles: African Traditions, West African

Verdean piano: imagine a mix of jazz, Portuguese music, cocktail piano, and the intensely local morna rhythm. It's lush in mood, complex in rhythm, backed by two guitars, cavaquinho, and bass. Surely a genuine African piano-bar style has to be unique? Anyway, one can't resist this mix of soupiness and drive. Yes, the length is outrageous and the price astronomical -- but when did unique come cheap?

MindeloChico Serra3:37
Nita DonoteChico Serra3:38
Força de Cretcheu / Eugénio TavaresChico Serra3:40
Bo Bai Bo DichamChico Serra3:56
Santo AntaoChico Serra3:56
Vou Matar MinitaChico Serra4:17
Ponta Do SolChico Serra3:35
Fidjo MagoadoChico Serra4:11

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