Chigger Red - Chigger Redd

Chigger Red - Chigger Redd
Genre: Pop\Rock
Duration: 46:32
Artist: Chigger Red
Album: Chigger Redd
Release Date: 2000
Whisky Soda PopChigger Red1:43
TequilaChigger Red2:48
Dipped in GreaseChigger Red2:47
ClevelandChigger Red4:36
BitchChigger Red4:53
I Don't Like YouChigger Red3:15
Shes So FatChigger Red3:18
BlackedoutChigger Red3:37
Drunk Broke and BlueChigger Red4:31
Mama CriedChigger Red3:40
White Trash LoveChigger Red3:09
Working BluesChigger Red3:42
Let There Be RockChigger Red4:33

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