Clarice Assad - Home

Clarice Assad - Home
Genre: International
Duration: 43:35
Recording Date: September 21, 2010 & September 22, 2010
Artist: Clarice Assad
Album: Home
Release Date: April 17, 2012
Recording Location: The Jerome L. Greene Performance Space, WNYC

Considering how lauded Clarice Assad is as a composer -- as well as a pianist and singer renowned for her Brazilian scat technique -- it's perhaps remarkable that this is only her third solo disc. But she grabs the opportunity with both hands, showcasing not only her stunning interpretation of Brazilian songs -- four of them put together as a medley in the opener "For Elis," an homage to the great Elis Regina -- but also a couple of original compositions. She brings formidable piano and vocal technique to the music, and a singular vision that sees things in a unique way; her take on Gilberto Gil's "Patuscada de Ghandi" is simply her voice over a pair of percussionists, while "Dora" is treated with beautiful lushness. Her own "Ad Lib," which she's recorded in other configurations, is actually a gloriously tight work that gives a showcase to her pianistic and vocal abilities. "The Last Song," in a nice twist of irony, has no vocals, a loving instrumental that does ache. Everything here lives up to Assad's reputation, and even furthers it; she's a talent quite beyond compare. There's certainly no one like her in Brazilian music, and it's to be hoped that she makes another recorded outing very soon.

For Ellis: Menino das Laranjas/Aruanda/O Morro Não Tem Vez/Upa Neguinho / Theo de Barros / Gianfrancesco Guarnieri / Antônio Carlos Jobim / Edú Lobo / Carlos Lyra / Vinícius de Moraes / Geraldo VandréClarice Assad7:12
20 Anos Blues / Sueli Costa / Vitor MartinsClarice Assad3:02
Cajuina / Caetano VelosoClarice Assad4:58
Ad Lib / Clarice AssadClarice Assad4:11
The Last Song / Clarice AssadClarice Assad3:36
Dora / Dorival CaymmiClarice Assad3:48
Estamos Ai / Maurício Einhorn / Durval Ferreira / Regina WerneckClarice Assad2:14
Aquarela do Brasil / Ary BarrosoClarice Assad5:31
Electrified! / Clarice AssadClarice Assad4:37
Patuscada de Ghandi / Gilberto GilClarice Assad2:56
Falsa Bahiana / Geraldo PereiraClarice Assad1:30

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