Come to Dolly - Dolly Grip

Come to Dolly - Dolly Grip
Genre: Pop\Rock
Duration: 42:00
Artist: Come to Dolly
Album: Dolly Grip
Release Date: October 30, 2008
Tonight We FallCome to Dolly2:51
Patterns of YouCome to Dolly3:40
Prevent the CureCome to Dolly3:23
The AscensionCome to Dolly2:47
KanashibariCome to Dolly3:21
Send Me an AngelCome to Dolly3:14
ChokeCome to Dolly3:15
Break It Back DownCome to Dolly3:10
Take the HauntedCome to Dolly3:31
ElysiumCome to Dolly3:58
Minus SeasonCome to Dolly5:08
DissolveCome to Dolly3:42

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