Dan Smith - Contend for the Faith

Dan Smith - Contend for the Faith
Genre: Religious
Duration: 43:57
Artist: Dan Smith
Album: Contend for the Faith
Recording Location: First Run Productions, Blue Spring, MO
Styles: Gospel
Glory to the LambDan Smith5:09
Edge of His Ways / Dan SmithDan Smith4:38
Rise Up and Walk / Dan SmithDan Smith3:30
Contend for the Faith / Dan SmithDan Smith5:08
Consider Yourself / Dan SmithDan Smith3:40
Bushido (The Warrior's Way)Dan Smith6:28
There Is LightDan Smith3:30
My Heart Will Be Glad / Dan SmithDan Smith3:34
Psalm 85 / Dan SmithDan Smith3:44
The OpusDan Smith4:36

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