DarkRoom Familia - 20 Years Up in This Game 1988-2008

DarkRoom Familia - 20 Years Up in This Game 1988-2008
Genre: Rap
Duration: 02:25:52
Artist: DarkRoom Familia
Album: 20 Years Up in This Game 1988-2008
Release Date: June 17, 2008
Styles: Gangsta Rap, Hardcore Rap, Latin Rap
4 Northern Cali Only / Kid & KhanDarkRoom Familia3:16
20 Years Up in This GameDarkRoom Familia2:30
The U.U. / Lil Coner / Kid & Khan / Big Oso Loc / Speedy Loc / Ace Of SpitsDarkRoom Familia3:30
In the Darkroom / Sir Dyno / E-Clips / Cutty FaceDarkRoom Familia4:01
Spittin' Game on the MicrophoneDarkRoom Familia4:04
Wicked Mutha FuckasDarkRoom Familia3:09
Conspiracy Theory / Sir DynoDarkRoom Familia3:52
Who Rocks the MostDarkRoom Familia3:37
Connected by Honor / Sir DynoDarkRoom Familia4:41
A-1 ChochaDarkRoom Familia4:27
Cali CrimesDarkRoom Familia5:29
Untouchables / Kid & KhanDarkRoom Familia3:01
From the StreetsDarkRoom Familia3:16
What You Know / Sir Dyno / Kid & KhanDarkRoom Familia3:35
Las Putas de un Traficante / J-Loc / NegocioDarkRoom Familia3:24
Woke Up Hatin' tha World / Sir DynoDarkRoom Familia5:16
A Taste 4 MurdaDarkRoom Familia4:12
Bitch in a Vato Suit / Sir DynoDarkRoom Familia3:23
Until My Casket DropsDarkRoom Familia3:20
Legendary Status / Sir DynoDarkRoom Familia0:56

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