Dasha Rush - Sleepstep: Sonar Poems for My Sleepless Friends

Dasha Rush - Sleepstep: Sonar Poems for My Sleepless Friends
Genre: Electronic
Duration: 01:12:14
Artist: Dasha Rush
Album: Sleepstep: Sonar Poems for My Sleepless Friends
Release Date: April 14, 2015
Styles: Experimental Techno, Techno, Ambient Techno, IDM

Dasha Rush's third full-length (and first for Raster-Noton) is a concept album about dream states. As with her previous album, 2009's I Run Iron I Run Ironic, Dasha diverges from her already experimental techno style, creating abstract soundscapes woven together with her own detached vocals.

The results are appropriately trippy, with flickering electronic tones giving way to lucid poetry. The ominous pianos and enigmatic vocals of "Dance with Edgar Poe" are reminiscent of later Coil or Legendary Pink Dots, while "Sail Away to Her" is an operatic astral lullaby. The album's most rhythmic tracks suggest techno rather than fully embrace it, with the eight-minute "Abandoned Beauties and Beasts" featuring jittery beats similar to other Raster-Noton artists such as Alva Noto. "Antares" is fully immersed in dubby echo, and "Scratching Your Surface (Revisited)" has a slow-mo electro beat sleepwalking through aloof synth melodies and French lyrics. A few of the song titles ("Micro Universe," "Outer Space," "Lucy in the Sky, Lost Diamonds") equate dreaming to floating away in space, and the accompanying tracks are fittingly weightless.

The album creatively explores the unpredictability and surrealness of the mind's subconscious activity.

Intro: Space Privet for Cosmonauts / Dasha RushDasha Rush1:01
Dance with Edgar Poe / Dasha RushDasha Rush2:55
Time Whispers for Albert / Dasha RushDasha Rush4:17
Scratching Your Surface (Revisited) / Dasha RushDasha Rush4:36
Sleep Ballade / Dasha RushDasha Rush4:09
Antares / Dasha RushDasha Rush4:06
Abandoned Beauties and Beasts / Dasha RushDasha Rush8:30
Lumiere Avant Midi / Dasha RushDasha Rush8:20
Sail Away to Her / Dasha RushDasha Rush4:27
Lucy in the Sky, Lost Diamonds / Dasha RushDasha Rush3:20
Fog, Dogma and Bread / Dasha RushDasha Rush4:50
A Minute After the War / Dasha RushDasha Rush2:54
Life Time Poem / Dasha RushDasha Rush2:27
100 Hearts / Dasha RushDasha Rush6:18
Micro Universe / Dasha RushDasha Rush6:08
Outer Space / Dasha RushDasha Rush3:56

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