Deeds of Flesh - Trading Pieces

Deeds of Flesh - Trading Pieces
Genre: Pop\Rock
Duration: 29:51
Recording Date: March 13, 1996 - March 16, 1996
Artist: Deeds of Flesh
Album: Trading Pieces
Release Date: August 28, 2001
Recording Location: Moon Productions

Deeds of Flesh had first introduced their vile black metal mayhem to an unsuspecting world with 1995's Gradually Melting EP, and on this, their full-length debut, they take things even further. One of those albums whose sonic onslaught will prove challenging to even the most educated black metal enthusiasts, Trading Pieces is a collection of hyper-intense tracks hacked from an oppressive wall of hate. Gory slasher lyrics lead the charge as the band pile-drives along their merry path of absolute apocalypse. This is made all the more interesting by their extremely intricate arrangements, especially in the rhythmic department, where drummer Joey never seems to settle on any particular blast-beat pattern for longer than ten seconds. An impressive first effort from a technical perspective, this album still showed plenty of room for improvement.

Carnivorous Ways / Deeds of FleshDeeds of Flesh3:35
Born Then Torn Apart / Deeds of FleshDeeds of Flesh2:07
Trading Pieces / Deeds of FleshDeeds of Flesh2:46
Hunting Humans / Deeds of FleshDeeds of Flesh2:41
Impious Offerings / Deeds of FleshDeeds of Flesh3:00
Acid Troops / Deeds of FleshDeeds of Flesh3:37
Deeds of Flesh / Deeds of FleshDeeds of Flesh2:57
Erected on Skates / Deeds of FleshDeeds of Flesh1:56
Chunks in the Shower / Deeds of FleshDeeds of Flesh2:28
Blasted / Deeds of FleshDeeds of Flesh2:11
[Untitled Hidden Track]Deeds of Flesh2:33

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