Deena Marie Coppola - And Then I See You

Deena Marie Coppola - And Then I See You
Genre: Country
Duration: 38:24
Artist: Deena Marie Coppola
Album: And Then I See You
Release Date: April 21, 2005
IfDeena Marie Coppola4:09
The Lord Blessed the Day I Met YouDeena Marie Coppola3:33
Will You Marry Me?Deena Marie Coppola2:49
And Then I See YouDeena Marie Coppola3:22
Attitude of GratitudeDeena Marie Coppola2:31
You Came to Save MeDeena Marie Coppola3:24
I Cannot Let This Moment Pass Me ByDeena Marie Coppola4:03
Love Me AgainDeena Marie Coppola3:22
You're the One for MeDeena Marie Coppola3:45
Take My HandDeena Marie Coppola3:24
When Does Love Come?Deena Marie Coppola4:02

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