Dr. Feelgood - Looking Back

Dr. Feelgood - Looking Back
Genre: Pop\Rock
Artist: Dr. Feelgood
Album: Looking Back
Release Date: November, 1995
Styles: Pub Rock, Rock & Roll

Theoretically, Dr. Feelgood could have produced a fine multi-disc box set, yet the four-disc Looking Back isn't it. Although it contains the group's very best songs, including large portions of Down by the Jetty and Malpractice, it is cluttered with mediocre latter-day material, and the entire final disc is devoted to Lee Brilleaux discussing his cancer. Although his testimonial is moving, it would have been better heard on a separate disc, not as part of a comprehensive retrospective. Then again, Looking Back is filled with so many songs that only serious fans, the kind that would want an interview disc, will find it necessary. For most fans, even those with a fairly deep interest in the band, the comprehensive double-disc Twenty Five Years of Dr. Feelgood is a more logical choice.

Roxette / Wilko JohnsonDr. Feelgood
All Through the City / Wilko JohnsonDr. Feelgood
Cheque Book / Mickey JuppDr. Feelgood
Twenty Yards BehindDr. Feelgood
She Does It RightDr. Feelgood
Bonie Moronie/Tequila / Larry WilliamsDr. Feelgood
Going Back HomeDr. Feelgood
You Shouldn't Call the Doctor (If You Can't Afford the Bills)Dr. Feelgood
I Can TellDr. Feelgood
Back in the Night / Wilko JohnsonDr. Feelgood
I'm a ManDr. Feelgood
I Don't MindDr. Feelgood
I'm a Hog for You BabyDr. Feelgood
Checking Up on My BabyDr. Feelgood
StupidityDr. Feelgood
Johnny B. GoodeDr. Feelgood
Lights OutDr. Feelgood
You'll Be MineDr. Feelgood
Walking on the EdgeDr. Feelgood
Hey Mama Keep Your Big Mouth ShutDr. Feelgood
Nothin' Shakin' (But the Leaves on the Trees)Dr. Feelgood
Sneakin' SuspicionDr. Feelgood

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