Ektomorf - What Doesn't Kill Me

Ektomorf - What Doesn't Kill Me
Genre: Pop\Rock
Duration: 40:03
Artist: Ektomorf
Album: What Doesn't Kill Me
Release Date: March 10, 2009
Recording Location: Antfarm Studio Denmark Aarhus; Feedback Studio Denmark Aarhus
Styles: Heavy Metal, Rap-Metal

Ektomorf had enormous potential but ended up playing it much safer than they needed to. The original idea for the band -- metal combined with Hungarian gypsy music -- had endless possibilities, but all too often, Ektomorf have been content to merely emulate Sepultura (the band that singer Max Cavalera was once a part of) or Soulfly (the band that Cavalera founded in 1997 after leaving Sepultura). That said, What Doesn't Kill Me is a competent outing despite its obvious lack of originality. Those who have accused Ektomorf of sounding way too much like Soulfly and Sepultura for their own good won't change their mind after hearing angry, angst-ridden tracks like "I Can See You," "Rat War," "Sick of It All," and "Nothing Left"; Ektomorf's writing still has a strong Soulfly/Sepultura flavor, and lead singer Zoltán Farkas continues to emulate Cavalera's vocal style.

There are a few minor influences as well -- a little Slipknot here, a little Sevendust there -- but What Doesn't Kill Me nonetheless ends up sounding like a Soulfly/Sepultura tribute album that just happens to contain original material instead of covers. So this 2009 release definitely isn't the place to go in search of experimentation. But many of the tunes are catchy enough (What Doesn't Kill Me isn't without hooks) even though they are not in a class with Soulful or Sepultura's best work. It would be great to hear Ektomorf seriously revive and develop the "Hungarian gypsy metal" idea they had in the beginning, but that is unlikely to happen -- and while this very predictable CD has its moments, one wishes that Ektomorf would take some chances instead of being content to merely sound like a cross between a poor man's Soulfly and a poor man's Sepultura.

Rat WarEktomorf2:04
Nothing LeftEktomorf2:17
What Doesn't Kill Me...Ektomorf2:31
Revenge to AllEktomorf3:12
Love and LiveEktomorf3:13
I Can See YouEktomorf3:38
I Got It AllEktomorf3:02
New LifeEktomorf3:17
Sick of It AllEktomorf3:04
It's Up to YouEktomorf2:54
Breed the FireEktomorf4:53
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