Electro Club Attack - Shot Five

Electro Club Attack - Shot Five
Genre: Electronic
Duration: 02:36:15
Artist: Electro Club Attack
Album: Shot Five
Release Date: 2002
Instincts of Perversion / Racso Agroyam / Erk AicragElectro Club Attack feat: Hocico5:47
StrangledElectro Club Attack feat: Plastic Assault6:24
ShameElectro Club Attack feat: Lost Signal5:15
ConfessionsElectro Club Attack5:35
Elektrattack / HypnoskullElectro Club Attack feat: Hypnoskull3:28
Turn to StoneElectro Club Attack4:39
Wake Me UpElectro Club Attack feat: Neuroticfish5:11
The Hiding Place / Darrin HussElectro Club Attack feat: Psyche4:34
Log On/Log Off / Len LemeireElectro Club Attack6:57
Super 8Electro Club Attack feat: Welle: Erdball4:22
Itami (One) / Scott SturgisElectro Club Attack feat: Converter6:33
Access and Amplify / Sebastian KomorElectro Club Attack feat: Icon of Coil4:02
Ex-Île (Upgrade 03) / Adrian HatesElectro Club Attack feat: Diary of Dreams5:51
1.37Electro Club Attack4:31
Hungrr-Ah / Ah Cama-SotzElectro Club Attack feat: Ah Cama-Sotz6:19

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