Elmore James - Hits & Rarities

Elmore James - Hits & Rarities
Genre: Blues
Duration: 42:42
Artist: Elmore James
Album: Hits & Rarities
Release Date: January 11, 2011
Styles: Electric Blues, Electric Chicago Blues, Regional Blues, Slide Guitar Blues, Chicago Blues, Electric Delta Blues

With his powerful slide guitar sound, Elmore James was as important a modern bluesman as any, and if he recorded a gazillion versions of his signature “Dust My Broom,” they’re all pretty much great -- that roaring slide riff is at the center of everything modern rock and blues aspired to be. James' career was short -- he died when he was only 45 from heart problems -- but remarkably consistent.

Like the other modern bluesmen who emerged in the 1950s, James knew what his audience wanted, and he delivered that “Dust My Broom” riff in countless variations, but he also stretched the board a bit when he could, particularly in his last sessions for Bobby Robinson's Harlem-based Fire Records. Robinson was a joyous and efficient producer, and he had tremendous faith in James, recording the guitarist in sessions in Chicago, New York, and New Orleans, letting James stretch out a bit, even providing him with an uptown horn section on some of the tracks. This interesting set collects 15 rather random sides from those last Robinson-produced sessions, but being random here isn't a deal breaker -- Elmore James was always Elmore James, just like John Lee Hooker was always John Lee Hooker and Muddy Waters was always Muddy Waters. You’ll get “Dust My Broom” and a whole lot more.

Strange AngelElmore James3:10
She Done MovedElmore James1:50
Person to PersonElmore James2:27
So UnkindElmore James2:31
My Kind of WomanElmore James2:54
You Know You're WrongElmore James3:06
Go Back Home AgainElmore James2:12
My Baby's GoneElmore James2:57
Dust My BroomElmore James2:46
Find My Kind of WomanElmore James2:56
Hand in HandElmore James3:03
I've Got a Right to Love My BabyElmore James2:44
Pickin' the BluesElmore James3:18
Elmore Jumps OneElmore James3:09
I Gotta Go NowElmore James3:39

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