Endpoint - If the Spirits Are Willing

Endpoint - If the Spirits Are Willing
Genre: Pop\Rock
Duration: 01:12:58
Recording Date: March, 1989
Artist: Endpoint
Album: If the Spirits Are Willing
Release Date: 1989
Recording Location: Jupiter Hill Creative Audio, Louisville
Styles: Alternative/Indie Rock, Contemporary Pop/Rock, Hardcore Punk, Indie Rock, Punk/New Wave
Thought You WereEndpoint4:00
Mirrored Image / Duncan Barlow / Greg Carmichael / Rob PenningtonEndpoint4:50
Dignity / Duncan Barlow / Rob PenningtonEndpoint1:35
Ignorance Downfall / Duncan Barlow / Rob PenningtonEndpoint2:34
Label Me / Jason Graff / Rob PenningtonEndpoint2:16
Final Stand / Duncan BarlowEndpoint2:41
Way Back / Rusty SohmEndpoint2:55
Axis CrewEndpoint1:40
Face / Duncan Barlow / Ron PenningtonEndpoint2:22
Wrong / Duncan Barlow / Rob PenningtonEndpoint2:52
Stick Around / Duncan Barlow / Jason GraffEndpoint3:33
Wopner / Duncan Barlow / Rob PenningtonEndpoint6:48
Shattered Justice / Duncan Barlow / Rob PenningtonEndpoint2:06
Rungless Ladder / Duncan BarlowEndpoint5:23
Religion Crisis / Rob PenningtonEndpoint3:42
[Untitled Track]Endpoint0:13
[Untitled Track]Endpoint2:25
[Untitled Track]Endpoint2:08
[Untitled Track]Endpoint1:33
[Untitled Track]Endpoint3:44
[Untitled Track]Endpoint2:17
[Untitled Track]Endpoint2:00
[Untitled Track]Endpoint2:20
[Untitled Track]Endpoint1:57

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