Eric Parkin - Piano Music of Richard Stoker

Eric Parkin - Piano Music of Richard Stoker
Genre: Classical
Duration: 01:19:18
Artist: Eric Parkin
Album: Piano Music of Richard Stoker
Styles: Keyboard
Piano Serenade, Op. 17
Prelude: AllegroEric Parkin1:02
Air: MestoEric Parkin2:33
Danse: AllegrettoEric Parkin1:35
Intermezzo: LargoEric Parkin1:45
Caprice: PrestoEric Parkin1:29
Piano Sonata No. 1, Op. 26
RitmicoEric Parkin3:37
ReposoEric Parkin8:07
A Poet's Notebook, Op. 10
Ballad: AndanteEric Parkin1:37
Epigram: AllegrettoEric Parkin0:44
Elegy: LentoEric Parkin1:10
Lampoon: PrestoEric Parkin0:44
Parody: AndanteEric Parkin1:50
Ode: AdagioEric Parkin1:50
Piano Variations, Op. 45Eric Parkin11:19
Regency Suite, Op. 15
I. Scherzo: AllegroEric Parkin1:45
II. Minuet: AndantinoEric Parkin2:13
III. Pastoral: Andante sostenutoEric Parkin2:14
IV. Gigue: PrestoEric Parkin1:55
V. Gavotte: AllegrettoEric Parkin1:24
VI. Toccata: VifEric Parkin1:10
Jazz Preludes, Op. 63: No. 1, Waiting For YouEric Parkin2:11
Jazz Preludes, Op. 63: No. 2, No Longer CryEric Parkin3:05
Zodiac Variations, Op. 22
Theme: Cancer (The Crab)Eric Parkin0:24
Var. 1: Libra (The Scales)Eric Parkin0:32
Var. 2: Leo (The Lion)Eric Parkin0:23
Var. 3: Pisces (The Fishes)Eric Parkin0:20
Var. 4: Aries (The Ram)Eric Parkin0:29
Var. 5: Gemini (The Twins)Eric Parkin0:43
Var. 6: Capricornus (The Goat)Eric Parkin0:23
Var. 7: Sagitarius (The Archer)Eric Parkin0:24
Var. 8: Scorpio (The Scorpion)Eric Parkin0:32
Var. 9: Virgo (The Virgin)Eric Parkin1:23
Var. 10: Aquarius (The Water Carrier)Eric Parkin0:37
Var. 11: Taurus (The Bull)Eric Parkin0:45
Piano Sonata No. 2, Op. 71
1. Suonare: Allegro moltoEric Parkin5:52
2. Cantare: 1. Adagio mestoEric Parkin2:54
3. Scherzare: PrestissimoEric Parkin2:30
4. Cantare: 2. Adagio mestoEric Parkin2:53
5. Toccare: Vivace assaiEric Parkin2:55

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