Forget Cassettes - Salt

Forget Cassettes - Salt
Genre: Pop\Rock
Duration: 48:13
Recording Date: January, 2006 - February, 2006
Artist: Forget Cassettes
Album: Salt
Release Date: August 8, 2006
Recording Location: Alex The Great Studios, Nashville, TN; Battle Tapes
Styles: Alternative/Indie Rock, Indie Rock

Every year, countless people from different parts of the United States move to Nashville with one goal in mind: to have a career in country music. They don't necessarily sing, write songs or play an instrument; perhaps they are interested in A&R, publicity or promotions. But whether their goal is performing or working in a behind-the-scenes capacity, so many of the music-minded people who live in Nashville have country music (or at least some type of Americana or roots rock) on the brain. There are many exceptions, however -- and Forget Cassettes is a definite exception. This Nashville-based group has nothing whatsoever to do with country, Americana or roots rock; the focus of Salt, their second album, is darkly introspective but often combustible alt rock/indie rock that draws on direct or indirect influences such as PJ Harvey, Tori Amos, Lydia Lunch, Hole and Nirvana. But while lead singer/guitarist Beth Cameron has some of Amos' melodic and harmonic sensibilities, Forget Cassettes rocks much harder -- and like Harvey, the expressive Cameron favors a very stream-of-consciousness approach.

Throughout the high-angst album, Cameron fluctuates between darkly brooding melodies and moments of angry, explosive release. Salt is an album of contrasts, and Cameron handles herself memorably well whether she is exercising restraint or wailing and screaming during the 2006 recording's more intense moments. Forget Cassettes' material is not groundbreaking and doesn't pretend to point alt rock or indie rock in any new directions, but it is nicely crafted and nicely executed (if a bit self-indulgent at times). And all things considered, Salt is a strong sophomore outing from the Nashville-based group.

Venis On / Beth CameronForget Cassettes6:40
Quiero, Quieres / Beth CameronForget Cassettes3:08
The Catch / Beth CameronForget Cassettes4:51
Nicholas / Beth CameronForget Cassettes5:47
My Maraschino / Beth CameronForget Cassettes6:54
Lonely Does It / Beth CameronForget Cassettes6:18
Patience, Beth (Reprise) / Beth CameronForget Cassettes4:49
Salt and Syncope / Beth CameronForget Cassettes5:38
Tabula Rasa / Beth CameronForget Cassettes4:08

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