George Amatino - Romance, Vol. 2

George Amatino - Romance, Vol. 2
Genre: New Age
Artist: George Amatino
Album: Romance, Vol. 2
Release Date: 1993

George Amatino performs, arranges and produces a classic collection of romantic pieces from the repertoires of the world's greatest composers on Romance Volume II. Mozart's "Rundo Alli Turca," and Chopin's "Minute Waltz" and "Nocturne in E-flat," Beethoven's "Pathetique Sonata," and Mendelssohn's "My Heart at Thy Sweet Voice" are just some of the pieces.

Amatino proves extraordinary skill at creating a symphony of sound on Tschaikovsky's "Pathetique Symphony" and provides a gentle crispness on Schubert's "Impromptu in E-flat."

Pathetique Symphony / Pyotr Il'yich TchaikovskyGeorge Amatino
Sonata in G / Ludwig van BeethovenGeorge Amatino
Rondo Alla Turca / Wolfgang Amadeus MozartGeorge Amatino
My Heart at Thy Sweet Voice / Felix MendelssohnGeorge Amatino
Minute Waltz / Frédéric ChopinGeorge Amatino
Dancing DollGeorge Amatino
Pathetique Sonata / Ludwig van BeethovenGeorge Amatino
Nocturne in Eb / Frédéric ChopinGeorge Amatino
Annchen Von Tharan / George AmatinoGeorge Amatino
Midsummer / George AmatinoGeorge Amatino
Impromptu in Eb / Franz SchubertGeorge Amatino
Waltz in AB / Johannes BrahmsGeorge Amatino

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