Giant Sand - Giant Sandwich

Giant Sand - Giant Sandwich
Genre: Pop\Rock
Duration: 01:09:22
Artist: Giant Sand
Album: Giant Sandwich
Release Date: 1989
Styles: Alternative Country-Rock, Alternative Pop/Rock, Alternative/Indie Rock

In his liner notes, frontman Howe Gelb describes the songs that make up Giant Sandwich as "shy;" they come from obscure sources like the band's first two tough-to-find albums as well as flexi-discs and Howe's side project the Band of Blacky Ranchette. Most intriguing, however, is the otherwise unreleased material, like the early "Artists" and a dramtically different and stark rendition of "Black Venetian Blind." A record for more than just the faithful.

Wishing Well / Howe GelbGiant Sand4:00
Tumble and Tear / Howe GelbGiant Sand3:18
Reptillian / Howe GelbGiant Sand3:24
Hard Man to Get to Know / Howe GelbGiant Sand6:18
Black Venetian Blind (Book II) / Howe GelbGiant Sand4:00
Thin Line Man / Howe GelbGiant Sand7:30
Artists / Howe GelbGiant Sand4:44
What You Hate / Howe GelbGiant Sand3:30
October Anywhere / Howe GelbGiant Sand5:03
Black Venetian Blind (Page I) / Howe GelbGiant Sand1:10
Code of the Road / Howe GelbGiant Sand5:15
Underground Train / Howe GelbGiant Sand4:46
Spinning Room Waltz / Howe GelbGiant Sand3:27
Accordian to Howe / Howe GelbGiant Sand1:07
Bad Lands / Howe GelbGiant Sand4:03
Up on the Hill / Howe GelbGiant Sand3:37
Heartland / Howe GelbGiant Sand4:10

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