Humphrey Lyttelton - Just About as Good as It Gets!

Humphrey Lyttelton - Just About as Good as It Gets!
Genre: Jazz
Duration: 02:16:46
Artist: Humphrey Lyttelton
Album: Just About as Good as It Gets!
Release Date: October 8, 2007
Kater Street RagHumphrey Lyttelton2:59
Cake Walkin' BabiesHumphrey Lyttelton2:55
Victory House DragHumphrey Lyttelton3:58
The Thin Red LineHumphrey Lyttelton3:26
Vox HumanaHumphrey Lyttelton3:06
Farewell BluesHumphrey Lyttelton2:19
Get out of Here and Go on Home / Kid OryHumphrey Lyttelton2:57
Panama / Tyrese GibsonHumphrey Lyttelton3:05
Elizabeth / Robert KatscherHumphrey Lyttelton3:07
Salty Dog / TraditionalHumphrey Lyttelton2:50
Ole Miss RagHumphrey Lyttelton3:03
It Makes My Love Come DownHumphrey Lyttelton3:11
Careless LoveHumphrey Lyttelton2:56
TailgateHumphrey Lyttelton2:53
Humph Meets TrogHumphrey Lyttelton3:35
Miss Jenny's BallHumphrey Lyttelton3:16
Sleepy Time Down South / Clarence Muse / Leon RenéHumphrey Lyttelton feat: Sidney Bechet2:55
First of ManyHumphrey Lyttelton2:50
Black and BlueHumphrey Lyttelton feat: Sidney Bechet2:24
Yes Suh!Humphrey Lyttelton2:57
If You See Me Comin'Humphrey Lyttelton3:09
Randolph Turpin StompHumphrey Lyttelton3:06

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