I-Jazzin - The African Journey

I-Jazzin - The African Journey
Genre: Pop\Rock
Duration: 01:34:49
Artist: I-Jazzin
Album: The African Journey
Release Date: August 2, 2006
Welcome to the 21st CenturyI-Jazzin0:25
Soldier Boy with Titan (Radio Edit)I-Jazzin3:58
Soldier Boy with TitanI-Jazzin3:41
Soldier Boy with TitanI-Jazzin3:58
Soldier BoyI-Jazzin3:57
We Need Peace (Intro)I-Jazzin0:14
Am Coming Out (Radio Edit)I-Jazzin4:29
Am Coming OutI-Jazzin4:20
Am Coming OutI-Jazzin4:08
Save the Children (Luther Martin Intro)I-Jazzin0:33
I Just Need Some Time (Original Edit)I-Jazzin4:19
I Just Need Some TimeI-Jazzin5:21
I Just Need Some TimeI-Jazzin4:19
I Just Need Some TimeI-Jazzin5:20
I Just Need Some TimeI-Jazzin4:08
My God (I Believe in You)I-Jazzin1:18
Nkwetaga (I Need You)I-Jazzin4:39
Call MeI-Jazzin5:10
Protect Our Motherland (World Edit)I-Jazzin5:16
I Sleep I Wear PositivityI-Jazzin3:39
African Freedom DrumsI-Jazzin5:46
Do My Best (Radio Edit)I-Jazzin3:52
Do My BestI-Jazzin3:12
Do My BestI-Jazzin3:32

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