James Tibbles - Sequialtera

James Tibbles - Sequialtera
Genre: Classical
Duration: 01:16:53
Recording Date: May, 2006
Artist: James Tibbles
Album: Sequialtera
Release Date: November 12, 2012
Recording Location: Ponsonby Baptist Church, Auckland
Styles: Miscellaneous (Classical)
Il Pastor Fido
Overture: (Largo) Allegro-Adagio / George Frederick HandelJames Tibbles4:47
Overture: Air / George Frederick HandelJames Tibbles3:21
Overture: Air en Minuet / George Frederick HandelJames Tibbles1:57
Overture: Largo / George Frederick HandelJames Tibbles4:32
Overture: Allegro / George Frederick HandelJames Tibbles4:49
Voluntary No. 8 (from Ten Voluntaries for the Organ or Harpsichord, Op. 5)
Allegro / John StanleyJames Tibbles2:26
Adagio / John StanleyJames Tibbles1:54
Allegro / John StanleyJames Tibbles4:11
Voluntary in C
[Part 1] / John BlowJames Tibbles3:21
[Part 2] / John BlowJames Tibbles3:08
Concerto No. 8
Vivace - Grave / Arcangelo CorelliJames Tibbles1:24
Allegro - Adagio - Allegro / Arcangelo CorelliJames Tibbles2:20
Adagio / Arcangelo CorelliJames Tibbles3:13
Vivace / Arcangelo CorelliJames Tibbles1:15
Allegro / Arcangelo CorelliJames Tibbles2:19
Pastorale / Arcangelo CorelliJames Tibbles4:26
Voluntary No. 5 (from Ten Voluntaries for the Organ or Harpsichord, Op. 6)
Adagio (Diapasons) / John StanleyJames Tibbles1:59
Andante - Largo / John StanleyJames Tibbles1:48
Moderato / John StanleyJames Tibbles6:13
Introduction in A minor, and Fugues (from Six Fugues with introductory Voluntaires)
Largo assai / James NaresJames Tibbles4:00
Fugue, with the subject reversed - Allegro / James NaresJames Tibbles2:45
Fuga - Vivace Allegro / James NaresJames Tibbles2:52
Overture: Andante / George Frederick HandelJames Tibbles2:03
Overture: Larghetto / George Frederick HandelJames Tibbles2:54
Overture: Allegro / George Frederick HandelJames Tibbles2:56

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