Jeffrey Gaines - Jeffrey Gaines

Jeffrey Gaines - Jeffrey Gaines
Genre: Pop\Rock
Duration: 48:52
Artist: Jeffrey Gaines
Album: Jeffrey Gaines
Release Date: 1992
Recording Location: Kajem Studios, PA; RPM Sound Studios, New York, NY; RPM Studios, NY
Styles: Adult Alternative Pop/Rock, Alternative/Indie Rock

On his promising self-titled debut, Gaines embraces the themes of workaday life; his songs take on topics like parental responsibility ("Didn't Wanna Be Daddy"), self-loathing ("A Dark Love Song") and crippling insecurity ("Scares Me More"). His voice is husky and emotive, and stands in sharp contrast against the spare, folkish music.

Hero in Me / Jeffrey GainesJeffrey Gaines4:44
Scares Me More / Jeffrey GainesJeffrey Gaines3:42
Didn't Wanna Be Daddy / Jeffrey GainesJeffrey Gaines3:30
Love Disappears / Jeffrey Gaines / Shea QuinnJeffrey Gaines3:47
Fear / Jeffrey GainesJeffrey Gaines3:14
A Dark Love Song / Jeffrey GainesJeffrey Gaines4:20
Why / Jeffrey GainesJeffrey Gaines3:55
No, I Don't Think So / Jeffrey GainesJeffrey Gaines5:08
Choices / Jeffrey GainesJeffrey Gaines3:35
What It Is / Jeffrey Gaines / Shea QuinnJeffrey Gaines3:47
Sorry the Very Next Day / Jeffrey GainesJeffrey Gaines3:30
Headmasters of Mine / Jeffrey GainesJeffrey Gaines5:40

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