Jemtone - Got the Feeling

Jemtone - Got the Feeling
Genre: Pop\Rock
Duration: 59:53
Artist: Jemtone
Album: Got the Feeling
Release Date: November 4, 1997
Recording Location: Jemtone Studios, New York, NY
Styles: Club/Dance

Producer/programmer Joey Moskowitz is the brains behind the dance project Jemtone; while Got the Feeling is a sufficiently energetic outing, the beats are just too similar for anyone but the most rabid club aficionado to enjoy.

Rok Your World / Joey MoskowitzJemtone7:07
To the Rhythm / Joey MoskowitzJemtone6:04
Body Move / Joey MoskowitzJemtone2:10
Can U Dance / Joey MoskowitzJemtone2:19
Lovin' Lude / Joey MoskowitzJemtone1:00
All My Lovin' / Joey MoskowitzJemtone4:27
Breakdown / Joey MoskowitzJemtone2:47
Got the Feeling / Joey MoskowitzJemtone7:35
Feelin' Kinda Spaced Out / Joey MoskowitzJemtone1:30
Into the Music / Joey MoskowitzJemtone5:37
Plane / Joey MoskowitzJemtone9:34
Can U Dance (Reprise) / Joey MoskowitzJemtone5:20
Free / Joey MoskowitzJemtone4:23

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