Jody Watley - You Wanna Dance with Me?

Jody Watley - You Wanna Dance with Me?
Genre: R&B
Duration: 50:43
Artist: Jody Watley
Album: You Wanna Dance with Me?
Release Date: 1990
Styles: Club/Dance, Dance-Pop, Urban

One of the more depressing and tiresome trends that emerged in the 1980s and has continued into the 1990s is the remix album. While labels sweat out down periods between releases, they often issue discs containing remixes of previous songs by hit acts. This one presented "fresh" versions of Jody Watley smashes "Don't You Want Me," "Friends," "Most of All," "I'm Looking for a New Love," "Real Love" and "Still a Thrill." These provided no insights, imaginative arrangements or surprising twists, and didn't even elicit much response on the dance circuit, since they had already heard club remixes when the songs were originally hits.

Still a Thrill / André Cymone / Jody WatleyJody Watley5:30
Friends / Eric Barrier / André Cymone / Billy Griffin / Jody WatleyJody Watley5:52
Looking for a New Love / André Cymone / Jody WatleyJody Watley5:20
Real Love / André Cymone / Jody WatleyJody Watley5:46
L.O.V.E.R. / André Cymone / Jody WatleyJody Watley5:28
What'cha Gonna Do for Me / André Cymone / Jody WatleyJody Watley5:35
Don't You Want Me / Franne Golde / Jody WatleyJody Watley5:22
Most of All / Gardner Cole / Patrick LeonardJody Watley4:51
Some Kind of Lover / André Cymone / Jody WatleyJody Watley6:59

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