Joe Cocker - No Ordinary World

Joe Cocker - No Ordinary World
Genre: Pop\Rock
Duration: 01:01:15
Artist: Joe Cocker
Album: No Ordinary World
Release Date: August 22, 2000
Styles: Adult Contemporary

For most intents and purposes, No Ordinary World is an ordinary latter-day Joe Cocker album, filled with slick but impassioned ballads, moderately paced rockers, and smooth adult contemporary pop songs. The thing is, this is just a cut above average, thanks to uniformly fine performances from Cocker and a strong set of songs. Yes, at 14 songs, there are inevitably a couple of slow patches, but there are not only good covers here ("First We Take Manhattan," "While You See a Chance") but some good professionally crafted tunes like "Different Roads," the title track, and the Michael McDonald/Tony Joe White composition, "Where Would I Be Now." No Ordinary World may not erase memories of the fiery early Cocker albums, nor is it quite as memorable as the best of his latter-day work, but for longtime fans, it's a nice, satisfying listen.

First We Take Manhattan / Leonard CohenJoe Cocker3:44
Different Roads / Stephen Allen Davis / Steve DuBerryJoe Cocker5:03
My Father's Son / Graham Lyle / Conner ReevesJoe Cocker4:59
While You See a Chance / Will Jennings / Steve WinwoodJoe Cocker4:29
She Believes in Me / Eliot KennedyJoe Cocker3:51
No Ordinary World / Lars Anderson / Stephen Allen DavisJoe Cocker4:44
Where Would I Be Now / Michael McDonald / Tony Joe WhiteJoe Cocker3:52
Ain't Gonna Cry Again / Peter Cox / Peter-John VetteseJoe Cocker5:28
Soul Rising / Peter Cox / Graham Gouldman / Peter-John VetteseJoe Cocker4:06
Naked Without You / Rick Nowels / Andrew Roachford / Billy SteinbergJoe Cocker3:57
Love to Lean On / Steve Diamond / Wayne KirkpatrickJoe Cocker4:31
On Way Home / Jean-Jacques GoldmanJoe Cocker4:17
Lied to Me / David Z.Joe Cocker4:13
Love Made a Promise / Paul Brady / Mark NevinJoe Cocker4:01

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