José James - The Dreamer

José James - The Dreamer
Genre: Jazz
Duration: 56:16
Artist: José James
Album: The Dreamer
Release Date: January 29, 2008
Styles: Contemporary Jazz, Neo-Soul

On the debut album from New York New School vocalist Jose James, he makes a move toward a new era of jazz vocals. While jazz elements have been making their way into underground hip-hop for years, James turns the other direction. He sings contemporary jazz with a strong sense of respect for the classics, but quietly puts hip-hop instrumentation behind his vocals, and multi-tracks himself for accentuation. James is in the midst of creating an entirely modern approach to jazz singing here over a set of originals with a few covers thrown in (the highlight being Rahsaan Roland Kirk's "Spirits Up Above"). [A Japanese release adds the classics "Body and Soul" and "Moanin'."]

The DreamerJosé James7:05
VelvetJosé James4:01
BlackeyedsusanJosé James4:56
Park Bench People / Freestyle FellowshipJosé James6:03
Spirits Up Above / Rahsaan Roland KirkJosé James5:00
NolaJosé James3:56
RedJosé James5:15
Winter WindJosé James7:07
Desire / Nori OchiaiJosé James7:29
Love / Ryan BlumJosé James5:24

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