Kriz Kang - Fallen Angel

Kriz Kang - Fallen Angel
Genre: Rap
Duration: 01:10:03
Artist: Kriz Kang
Album: Fallen Angel
Release Date: April 13, 1999
Recording Location: Strike One Studios, Nashville, TN

Fallen Angel is a set of smooth Southern rollers, with No Limit-style group rapping by Kriz Kang with guests (all from Strike One Records) Aldo Capone, E-Shorty, Mr.

Reaper, Royalty and Y-Dee.

The production (by Lowkey Playa Cee) and rapping is uninspired, though a few tracks shine, including "Strike One Anthem" and "I-65."

Stike One Anthem / Aldo Capone / Kriz KangKriz Kang feat: Aldo Capone4:13
Nitty Gritty / Aldo Capone / Kriz KangKriz Kang feat: Aldo Capone4:16
Guardian Angel / Kriz KangKriz Kang4:16
I-65 / Kriz KangKriz Kang3:52
Gangsta Sh*t / Kriz KangKriz Kang5:00
Ain't It Funny / James Harris III / Kriz Kang / Terry LewisKriz Kang4:16
Super Nova / Kriz KangKriz Kang4:12
All or Nathaniel / Kriz Kang / RoyaltyKriz Kang4:15
Spanish Fly / Kriz Kang / Y-DKriz Kang4:13
Angel / Aldo Capone / Kriz KangKriz Kang feat: Aldo Capone4:14
Lost Child / Aldo Capone / Kriz KangKriz Kang feat: Aldo Capone5:03
Before Tomorrow / Aldo Capone / Kriz Kang / RoyaltyKriz Kang feat: Aldo Capone4:11
Like Diz / Kriz KangKriz Kang4:25
I Don't Care If... / Kriz KangKriz Kang4:16
Beautiful / Kriz KangKriz Kang3:50
T-Minus / Kriz Kang / Endangered SpeciesKriz Kang feat: Endangered Species4:52
Guardial AngelKriz Kang0:39

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