La Firma - Vivo

La Firma - Vivo
Genre: Latin
Duration: 01:02:36
Recording Date: May 7, 2008
Artist: La Firma
Album: Vivo
Release Date: March 24, 2009
Recording Location: The Palenque De La Expo Guadalupe, Domo Care, Nuyevo Leon, Mexico

La Firma have taken the classic sound of traditional Mexican music and fused it with elements of jazz, pop, and contemporary Latin sounds, creating music that's fresh and sophisticated while honoring their cultural roots. Vivo is an album that captures the excitement of La Firma on-stage; recorded while the group was on tour, it documents the skill of the musicians as well as the group's interaction with fans. Selections include "Le Dire," "Daria," "Si Ella Supiera," "Amigo Mio," "Lo Mejor de Mi Vida," and 11 more.

Le Dire / Luis PadillaLa Firma
Para Olvidarte / Luis PadillaLa Firma
A Mi Que Me Importa / Luis PadillaLa Firma
Lo Aprendi De TiLa Firma
Daria / Luis PadillaLa Firma
Ya Se Va Ojala / Luis PadillaLa Firma
Si Ella Supiera / Luis PadillaLa Firma
Lo Mejor De Mi Vida / Luis PadillaLa Firma
Amigo Mio / Luis PadillaLa Firma
Con La Intencion De Lastinmarme / Horacio LanziLa Firma
Ha Alguien Mas / Luis PadillaLa Firma
Como Voy a OlvidarteLa Firma
Ensename a Olvidarte / Luis PadillaLa Firma
La Llamada / Luis PadillaLa Firma
La Llamada / Luis PadillaLa Firma6:02
2 Corazones Sin SuerteLa Firma3:39

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