Larry E. Hubbard - Billy Didn't Die

Larry E. Hubbard - Billy Didn't Die
Genre: Jazz
Duration: 43:10
Artist: Larry E. Hubbard
Album: Billy Didn't Die
Release Date: March 31, 2006
Dueling Guitars, IntroLarry E. Hubbard1:40
Were Gonna Make ItLarry E. Hubbard3:56
Without YouLarry E. Hubbard3:17
Billy IntroLarry E. Hubbard0:06
Billy Didn't DieLarry E. Hubbard5:41
Play the GuitarLarry E. Hubbard3:09
Dreams of MineLarry E. Hubbard2:48
Ohio HillLarry E. Hubbard3:08
Will You Remember MeLarry E. Hubbard3:44
It's a Good NiteLarry E. Hubbard5:07
Beyond the SunLarry E. Hubbard3:55
This ManLarry E. Hubbard2:53
Two Harmonica'sLarry E. Hubbard3:46

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