Leonard Rosenman - RoboCop 2 [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]

Leonard Rosenman - RoboCop 2 [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]
Genre: Stage & Screen
Duration: 29:57
Artist: Leonard Rosenman
Album: RoboCop 2 [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]
Release Date: 1990
Styles: Soundtracks, Original Score, Film Score

The original Robocop score gave composer Basil Poledouris a chance to try out a variety of scoring ideas and techniques, from cues that mocked TV news scoring to heroic themes that were quite a standout. For Leonard Rosenman, the thrust seems to have been entirely toward the heroic -- meaning loud, brassy, orchestrations. Everything has a pulse somewhere in it, or a stentorian rise toward the cannonfire blast of the brass section -- the woodwinds tend to tremble nervously, apparently sensing the elephantine brass lurking somewhere behind them.

This isn't to say that this unfortunately short CD is full of nothing but wretched excess.

Far from it -- there are subtle moments scattered throughout the ten tracks, and Rosenman has done a splendid job of following up on Poledouris' work while neither aping it nor repeating it. If anything, it's a more musically consistent album than its predecessor. It maintains themes throughout the album, which Poledouris didn't do with the original, and has a muscularity that's more in keeping with the tone of the second movie. In audio terms, the album is fine, with a strong, rounded, bass that benefits the brass.

The recording and mixing is nice and clear across the board, with a nice stereo picture. The one big gripe is the shortness of the disc.

Overture: Robocop / Leonard RosenmanLeonard Rosenman6:02
City Mayhem / Leonard RosenmanLeonard Rosenman3:37
Happier Days / Leonard RosenmanLeonard Rosenman1:28
Robo Cruiser / Leonard RosenmanLeonard Rosenman4:40
Robo Memories / Leonard RosenmanLeonard Rosenman2:07
Robo and Nuke / Leonard RosenmanLeonard Rosenman2:22
Robo Fanfare / Leonard RosenmanLeonard Rosenman0:32
Robo and Cain Chase / Leonard RosenmanLeonard Rosenman2:41
Creating the Monster / Leonard RosenmanLeonard Rosenman2:47
Robo I Vs. Robo II / Leonard RosenmanLeonard Rosenman3:41

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