Lesser Gonzalez Alvarez - Why Is Bear Billowing?

Lesser Gonzalez Alvarez - Why Is Bear Billowing?
Genre: Pop\Rock
Duration: 37:28
Artist: Lesser Gonzalez Alvarez
Album: Why Is Bear Billowing?
Release Date: September 9, 2008
Styles: Alternative/Indie Rock, Free Folk, Indie Pop

Cuban-born artist, musician, and producer Lesser Gonzalez Alvarez tossed together a blissfully simple, old-fashioned little folk record that echoes a host of diverse singer/songwriters from Syd Barret and Donovan to M.

Ward and Devendra Banhart with a little Jeff Buckley (without all of the theatrics thrown in) on his Carpark debut Why Is Bear Billowing?. The Baltimore-based Alvarez keeps things as sparse as they can get, with only the occasional tambourine or backing vocal sneaking in to displace his clear, tuneful voice and acoustic guitar. His lyrics, both sentimental and whimsical, never come across as cloying, rather they drift in and out of the window like spring swallows looking for a suitable place to build a nest who are just as content to try the neighbors house as they are yours. Opener "A Magic" sets the tone with its midtempo "Sunshine Superman"-esque melody and lilting delivery, a style that only deviates in texture (even the fingerpicked tracks move with an easy, amiable grace) throughout Why Is Bear Billowing?, never in attitude. In fact, Alvarez is so quietly and unobtrusively confident throughout these 11 cuts that one fails to realize what a strong charm has been cast until the last note rings out and the opener begins anew.

A MagicLesser Gonzalez Alvarez2:50
All with Golden LocksLesser Gonzalez Alvarez3:33
Pinecone EyesLesser Gonzalez Alvarez5:00
A Twist in the SkyLesser Gonzalez Alvarez2:52
Narwhal HornLesser Gonzalez Alvarez3:23
Little IslandLesser Gonzalez Alvarez2:42
Love for LongerLesser Gonzalez Alvarez3:25
The Letter BLesser Gonzalez Alvarez3:27
Build a Tiny HillLesser Gonzalez Alvarez4:06
The Owl and the PussycatLesser Gonzalez Alvarez3:51
Mostly a FriendLesser Gonzalez Alvarez2:18

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