Level 42 - Past Lives: The Best of the RCA Years

Level 42 - Past Lives: The Best of the RCA Years
Genre: Pop\Rock
Duration: 01:13:33
Artist: Level 42
Album: Past Lives: The Best of the RCA Years
Release Date: July 9, 2007
Styles: Contemporary Pop/Rock

Level 42 signed with RCA in 1990, after which they released two albums for the label: Guaranteed (1991) and Forever Now (1994). Although it seems a bit silly to make a "best-of" from two albums, this anthology is a tidy summary. It wisely contains all four of the singles -- "Guaranteed," "Forever Now," "All Over You," and "Love in a Peaceful World" -- that reached the Top 40 of the U.

K. pop chart. Additional A-sides "Overtime" and "My Father's Shoes" are included, along with a smart selection of album cuts. Serious fans will want both albums individually, but those who lost track of the band after the '80s will get a convenient overview that disregards the weaker material.

Past Lives / Phil GouldLevel 425:37
Guaranteed / Wally BadarouLevel 424:53
Overtime / Mark KingLevel 424:48
My Father's Shoes / Mark KingLevel 425:14
Forever Now / Richard DarbyshireLevel 424:16
All Over You / Mark KingLevel 424:02
Love in a Peaceful World / Phil GouldLevel 427:14
Model Friend / Mark KingLevel 424:57
Romance / Mark KingLevel 424:56
One in a Million / Mark KingLevel 424:29
Don't Bother Me / Mark KingLevel 424:51
Seven Years / Mark KingLevel 424:44
Lasso the Moon / Mike LindupLevel 424:03
Set Me Up / Mark KingLevel 424:28
If You Were Mine / Gary HusbandLevel 425:01

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