Loretta Lynn - Greatest Hits, Vol. 2

Loretta Lynn - Greatest Hits, Vol. 2
Genre: Country
Duration: 27:11
Artist: Loretta Lynn
Album: Greatest Hits, Vol. 2
Release Date: 1974
Styles: Contemporary Country, Country-Pop, Honky Tonk, Nashville Sound/Countrypolitan, Traditional Country

In the liner notes, Pete Axthelm cites "the range of her personality," and that range is in evidence here: reflective ("Coal Miner's Daughter"), feisty ("Fist City"), humorous ("One's on the Way"), and sentimental ("Love Is the Foundation").

Coal Miner's Daughter / Loretta LynnLoretta Lynn2:59
I Wanna Be Free / Loretta LynnLoretta Lynn2:15
Wings Upon Your Horns / Loretta LynnLoretta Lynn2:37
Fist City / Loretta LynnLoretta Lynn2:11
You're Lookin' at Country / Loretta LynnLoretta Lynn2:17
Ain't It Funny / Tracy Lee / Tracey Lee & the LeonardsLoretta Lynn2:42
One's on the Way / Shel SilversteinLoretta Lynn2:37
Your Squaw Is on the Warpath / Loretta LynnLoretta Lynn2:02
What Sundown Does to You / Carl KnightLoretta Lynn2:12
Hey Loretta / Shel SilversteinLoretta Lynn2:49
Love Is the Foundation / William C. HallLoretta Lynn2:30

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