Love Child - Okay?

Love Child - Okay?
Genre: Pop\Rock
Duration: 42:17
Recording Date: February, 1990
Artist: Love Child
Album: Okay?
Release Date: 1991
Recording Location: Orchard STudios
Styles: Alternative/Indie Rock, Indie Rock

Formed while all three bandmembers -- bassist Will Baum, vocalist and bassist Rebecca Odes, and guitarist and vocalist Alan Licht -- were students in upstate New York, Love Child was the logical outcome of the preceding 20 years of (predominantly but not exclusively) American rock, from punk to grunge, via Mission of Burma, Hüsker Dü, and Minutemen, knowing how to combine the more marketable aspects of punk with the fuzzed-out danger of no wave. Though Odes' disarmingly chirpy "Church of Satan" has always attracted the most attention, Baum, who left Love Child a year after Okay? was released in 1991, penned nine of the 16 tracks (half of which say all they have to say perfectly in under two minutes), including the catchy punk-pop ditty "He's So Sensitive." Licht reveals throughout the album not only an encyclopedic knowledge of the history of the electric guitar, with echoes of Pete Townshend, Robert Quine, Bob Mould, and Rudolph Grey (his solo on "Slow Me Down" is outstanding), but also a genuine talent for songwriting.

Sofa / Will Baum / Rebecca OdesLove Child1:42
Start to Smile / Hank Deckon / Alan LichtLove Child2:40
Diane / Will BaumLove Child1:35
He's So Sensitive / Will BaumLove Child1:32
What It Breeds / Alan LichtLove Child2:18
Telegram / Will BaumLove Child1:54
Cigarette Ash / Rebecca OdesLove Child2:22
Ain't That So / Alan LichtLove Child1:40
Company / Alan LichtLove Child2:22
Slow Me Down / Alan LichtLove Child3:56
Things I Noticed / Will BaumLove Child1:45
Willpower / Paul Williams Burch Jr. / Rebecca OdesLove Child2:02
2 / Alan LichtLove Child1:35
Fortune Cookie / Will BaumLove Child2:48
Nice Toes / Will BaumLove Child1:35
Escalator / Will BaumLove Child1:21
Chris Told Missy / Will BaumLove Child2:00
Know It's Allright / Alan LichtLove Child2:15
Church of Satan / Rebecca OdesLove Child1:05
In Your Window / Will BaumLove Child1:05
End of the World / Will BaumLove Child2:45

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