Lowell Fulson - Hung Down Head

Lowell Fulson - Hung Down Head
Genre: Blues
Duration: 37:05
Artist: Lowell Fulson
Album: Hung Down Head
Release Date: 1954
Styles: Early R&B, Regional Blues, Texas Blues

The most indispensable collection in Fulson's vast discography. He was hitting on all burners during the mid-'50s when he was with Chess, waxing the immortal "Reconsider Baby," and swinging gems like "Check Yourself," "Do Me Right," and "Trouble, Trouble," and the supremely doomy "Tollin' Bells," here in many truncated false takes before he and the band finally jell.

That's All Right / Jimmy RogersLowell Fulson2:38
I Still Love You Baby / Lowell FulsonLowell Fulson2:30
Reconsider Baby / Lowell FulsonLowell Fulson3:08
I Want to Know / Lowell FulsonLowell Fulson2:23
Low Society / Lowell FulsonLowell Fulson2:30
Check Yourself / Lowell FulsonLowell Fulson3:00
It's All Your Fault Baby / Lowell FulsonLowell Fulson2:35
Do Me Right / Willie DixonLowell Fulson2:52
Trouble, Trouble / Lowell FulsonLowell Fulson2:49
Hung Down Head / J. WilsonLowell Fulson2:55
Tollin' Bells / Willie DixonLowell Fulson9:45

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