Luis Fonsi - Amor Secreto

Luis Fonsi - Amor Secreto
Genre: Latin
Duration: 47:26
Artist: Luis Fonsi
Album: Amor Secreto
Release Date: March 12, 2002
Recording Location: LAFX Studio; North Bay Recording Studios; The Playroom Rec Studio
Styles: Latin Pop

On January 25, 2002, "Quisiera Poder Olvidarme de Ti" was released as the first track of Luis Fonsi's third full-length record, Amor Secreto (Secret Love).

The Puerto Rican singer teamed up with arranger/producer Rudy Pérez to make a contemporary Latin pop album featuring the mid-tempo "Fuera de Control," a hip-hop-inflected song entitled "Amor Secreto," the dance-pop"Entregate," the romantic and nostalgic ballad "Te Vas," and a new version of Pablo Milanés' "Para Vivir." In 2001, Fonsi had moved to Sweden to work with a talented group of musicians and producers. They all contributed to produce this well-balanced 12-track record.

Amor Secreto achieved gold status in the U.S. the day after its release.

Quisiera Poder Olvidarme de Ti / Mark Portmann / Rudy PérezLuis Fonsi4:22
Fuera de Control / Clyde Lieberman / Allan Rich / Johan ÅbergLuis Fonsi3:15
Amor Secreto / Fredrik ThomanderLuis Fonsi3:34
Entrégate / Kara DioGuardi / Luis Fonsi / Steve Morales / David SiegleLuis Fonsi3:53
Te Vas / Roberto Livi / Rudy PérezLuis Fonsi4:01
Tienes Que Parar / Jonas SaeedLuis Fonsi3:33
Y Ahora Como Te Olivido / Rudy PérezLuis Fonsi4:02
Tú Puedes Salvarme / Howie Dorough / Andrew Fromm / Harvey Mason, Jr. / Damon ThomasLuis Fonsi4:39
Díselo Ya / Luis Fonsi / Clyde Lieberman / Allan RichLuis Fonsi4:08
Irresistible / Tommy TysperLuis Fonsi3:38
Me Lo Dijo el Silencio / Claudia Brant / Luis FonsiLuis Fonsi4:41
Para Vivir / Pablo MilanésLuis Fonsi3:40

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