Mad & Eddie Duran / Mad Duran - From Here to the Moon [Milestone]

Mad & Eddie Duran / Mad Duran - From Here to the Moon [Milestone]
Genre: Jazz
Duration: 01:13:16
Recording Date: August 22, 1996 - September 7, 1996
Artist: Mad & Eddie Duran \ Mad Duran
Album: From Here to the Moon [Milestone]
Release Date: June 23, 1998
Recording Location: Bay Records; Bay Records Recording Studio, Berkeley, CA; Los Medanos College
Styles: Crossover Jazz, Post-Bop

Eddie Duran returns to the recording wars with a refreshingly retooled sound -- this time as co-leader with his wife, saxophonist/flutist Madaline "Mad" Duran. By this time, perhaps partially influenced by his wife being a reed player, Duran was tuning his guitar as a B-flat instrument, and this results in a heavier electric sound that gives these tracks a unique texture when he plays rhythm. Mad is a capable bopster on soprano, alto and tenor, and she handles the flute with a breathy tone. On some tracks, Mad and Eddie make a perfectly satisfying music just as a duo, while on most, they use either a bop rhythm section or a welcome return to the Latin and bossa nova rhythms that influenced Duran in the '60s ("Symphony Sid Samba" is especially nice).

They make a seamless transition between "My Favorite Things" and "Take Five" - both played in 5/4 time - deliver a rhythmically off-kilter "Don't Be That Way," and a light-flavored Latin number "Quesadillas" is credited to the pair as -- yes -- Duran-Duran. This album was originally released on their custom Mad Eddie label and picked up by Milestone in 1999.

Daahoud / Clifford BrownMad & Eddie Duran / Mad Duran4:13
Symphony Sid Samba / Eddie DuranMad & Eddie Duran / Mad Duran5:31
Everything I Love / Cole PorterMad & Eddie Duran / Mad Duran5:07
Medley: My Favorite Things/Take Five / Paul DesmondMad & Eddie Duran / Mad Duran6:44
Medley: Conception/Deception / Miles Davis / George ShearingMad & Eddie Duran / Mad Duran6:21
From Here to the Moon / Eddie DuranMad & Eddie Duran / Mad Duran7:49
Don't Be That Way / Benny Goodman / Mitchell Parish / Edgar SampsonMad & Eddie Duran / Mad Duran5:26
Besamé Mucho / Sunny Skylar / Consuelo VelázquezMad & Eddie Duran / Mad Duran4:09
Budo / Miles Davis / Bud PowellMad & Eddie Duran / Mad Duran8:19
Quesadillas / Eddie Duran / Mad & Eddie DuranMad & Eddie Duran / Mad Duran6:20
Very Early / Bill EvansMad & Eddie Duran / Mad Duran6:55
Cta / Jimmy HeathMad & Eddie Duran / Mad Duran5:53

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