Mad Dash - Living for the Moment

Mad Dash - Living for the Moment
Genre: Pop\Rock
Duration: 54:02
Artist: Mad Dash
Album: Living for the Moment
Release Date: 2000
Living for the MomentMad Dash4:52
Party GirlMad Dash5:24
Take Me to Nevada CityMad Dash3:32
I Ain't Too Sure About ThatMad Dash5:53
Feel Free to Love MeMad Dash3:40
Highway 49Mad Dash3:44
I Think We've Done This BeforeMad Dash3:54
You Can't Hear My SongMad Dash4:18
Let Me Drive Your CarMad Dash3:23
Corvette Cruisin'Mad Dash3:18
Color Me GoneMad Dash3:38
I Just Wanna Rock'n'rollMad Dash5:34
Your TownMad Dash2:52

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