Magic System - D'Abidjan à Paris: Best of Magic System

Magic System - D'Abidjan à Paris: Best of Magic System
Genre: International
Duration: 01:46:30
Artist: Magic System
Album: D'Abidjan à Paris: Best of Magic System
Release Date: April 2, 2012

Celebrating their 11-year international career, D'Abidjan a Paris is the first official compilation from the zouglou movement's biggest exponents, Ivory Coast quartet Magic System. Featuring material spanning from 2001 breakthrough single "1er Gaou" right up to 2011's "La Danse des Magiciens," the two-CD, 28-track collection includes their French number one single "Meme Pas Fatigue!!!"; collaborations with Shaggy and Allaoua ("Vas-y Molo"), Soprano ("Cherie Coco"), and Habiba ("Viens Faire le Show"); a Junior Caldera remix of "Zouglou Dance"; and a brand-new track, "Tango Tango."

AkwabaMagic System1:58
Chérie CocoMagic System3:33
Ambiance à l'AfricaineMagic System3:06
Bouger BougerMagic System3:43
Ki Dit MiéMagic System2:58
C Chô Ça Brûle!Magic System3:16
Un Gaou à OranMagic System3:30
Zouglou Dance (Joie de Vivre) [Junior Caldera Radio Edit]Magic System3:04
La Danse des Magiciens [Version Radio]Magic System3:22
Même Pas Fatigué !!!Magic System3:25
L' Eau Va ManquerMagic System3:28
Tango TangoMagic System3:17
Viens Faire le ShowMagic System3:22
T'Endors PasMagic System4:01
Vas-y MoloMagic System feat: kore3:25

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