Magnus Moriarty - Sky-Fi Beatitude

Magnus Moriarty - Sky-Fi Beatitude
Genre: Pop\Rock
Duration: 43:55
Recording Date: 2004 - 2005
Artist: Magnus Moriarty
Album: Sky-Fi Beatitude
Release Date: 2005
Sky-Fi AltitudeMagnus Moriarty3:02
Making the Train LandMagnus Moriarty1:15
Bring on the CaptainMagnus Moriarty5:00
No, The Telly Cinderelly!Magnus Moriarty2:55
Narcissistic Necktie PartyMagnus Moriarty3:04
Pipe in HandMagnus Moriarty3:59
The Jelly Cinderelly?Magnus Moriarty7:06
Don't Lose Yr KruMagnus Moriarty5:00
Lean Rafter in the Early MorningMagnus Moriarty4:22
Hank, The Batmobile JoyriderMagnus Moriarty7:24
Exit Emergency AirportMagnus Moriarty0:48
Happy Plant ReactorMagnus Moriarty

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