Mara's Torment - The Barrier of Skin

Mara's Torment - The Barrier of Skin
Genre: Electronic
Duration: 01:07:30
Artist: Mara's Torment
Album: The Barrier of Skin
Release Date: March 1, 2006
Dreams of InsectsMara's Torment4:57
Maybe NotMara's Torment6:42
The Barrier of SkinMara's Torment7:00
An InterludeMara's Torment4:39
9Mara's Torment5:02
The Last VeilMara's Torment6:00
The Eyes of Fairuza BalkMara's Torment4:44
An Unfortunate ErrorMara's Torment3:22
Another InterludeMara's Torment2:54
Near Death FetishMara's Torment5:11
AndromedaMara's Torment5:37
ControlMara's Torment2:14
A Particular Fear of GhostsMara's Torment5:23
Venus Ascending StairsMara's Torment3:45

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