Margaret MacArthur - On the Mountains High

Margaret MacArthur - On the Mountains High
Genre: Folk
Duration: 43:34
Artist: Margaret MacArthur
Album: On the Mountains High
Release Date: December 14, 2004
RanadineMargaret MacArthur5:08
FodMargaret MacArthur2:04
You're Welcome Home, Young JohnnyMargaret MacArthur2:47
Stratton Mountain TragedyMargaret MacArthur2:56
Bonaparte Crossing the RhineMargaret MacArthur0:57
Peri Meri Dixi and DominiMargaret MacArthur2:56
Old Yellow MareMargaret MacArthur1:47
Raspberry LaneMargaret MacArthur3:45
Doctor in PhyfeMargaret MacArthur1:49
William IsmaelMargaret MacArthur4:06
Temperance Brigade of BallyhooleyMargaret MacArthur1:51
I've Courted Thee Before, MissMargaret MacArthur1:27
The Banks of FloridaMargaret MacArthur4:01
Swallowtail JigMargaret MacArthur1:44
Central VermontMargaret MacArthur3:15
Cambric ShirtMargaret MacArthur3:01

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